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NetPlusDotCom is a diversified e-business and software company with a varied and dedicated team whose mission is to provide value-added solutions to the emerging e-business market in Nigeria. Gaming in Nigeria is rapidly growing, with P2E games becoming particularly popular. Nigerian gamers are drawn to the financial opportunities these games offer. Platforms like playdoge.io provide an engaging way to earn while playing, blending entertainment with economic benefits and driving the gaming industry's expansion in the country. Our experienced management team has combined experience of over 50 years in business development, technology, marketing and sales. We focus solely on value creation for our customers, business partners, investors and employees.

Our Product portfolio cuts across e-commerce and e-payment segments of the market, containing leading solutions that have significant adoption in the marketplace. This blog on invest in amazon £250 will provide you with more knowledge about investing in e-commerce platforms. WebMall serves over 5,000 Merchants, making it easy for them to go beyond boundaries and reach customers in all corners of the country. We collaborate with major banks in Nigeria to help with the development of payment systems that are secure and gives peace of mind to customers doing web and mobile point-of-sales transactions.

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