NetPlusDotCom is a technology company with solutions in e-commerce, e-payment and digital trends.

Our Mission is to use our expertise in software development, digital advancements and business strategy to solve real business problems thereby creating value and accelerating the growth and profitability of our customers.
Since starting business in 2009, we have passionately been engaged in R&D process seeking technology solutions to drive value for businesses especially among the small and medium enterprises.

At NetPlusDotCom our product strategy is to;

1. Recognize market opportunity and innovate
2. Do more and better of the same
3. Create and pursue a unique advantage
4. Develop unique advantages across the industry

Our objectives include;
• To create a fast-growth and profitable business for our investors and employees.
• To provide a wide-range of technology solutions using leading web technologies mostly focused in the digital, e-commerce and electronic payment space in Nigeria and sub-Sahara Africa
• To dominate the digital, e-commerce and electronic payment space in Nigeria in the next five years.

Our Business Philosophy is value creation from different perspectives to customers, business partners, investors and employees.

NetPlus has a portfolio of products that have proven to be successful and several in development that will continue to challenge and advance perceptions about technology in business.

Our product list includes:

Our customer list is as diverse as the solutions we offer and they include small and medium businesses across multiple industries, financial institutions, FMCGs, e-commerce companies and many more.